Stock Purchase

Stock Purchase Funding – Revolving Credit

Stock Purchase Funding to UK companies to enables them to buy and sell more of their products by providing a funding limit, whereby they can purchase goods up to this limit at their own discretion, without requiring recourse to us on individual purchases.

Choose to either pay your suppliers on a pro-forma basis for the goods, or we can provide funds which you then use to buy goods from their suppliers themselves.

Stock Purchase Funding solutions work on a revolving basis, so you can repay facilities without penalty at any time, and then redraw when you want to buy more stock. You will only charged when funds are in use.

Stock Funding

Trade and Stock Finance facilities have the following characteristics:

No blanket service charges

No early repayment fees

No hidden charges.

Across All Sectors

Stock Purchase Finance and Stock Loan Finance for all types of goods across all sectors, including goods that are pre-sold, speculative, component parts or raw materials.

Can also fund hazardous or regulated goods, such as fireworks or alcohol.

Complex items such as equipment which needs to be bought and installed before being refinanced with an asset finance provider.

Flexible Terms

You can choose to finance just one invoice (spot finance), a selection or your customers as a whole.

Balance the amount of immediate cash for your invoices without ever having to ask for more.

A truly dynamic funding solution for your business.

Ease |Cash Flow

Choose to either pay suppliers on a pro-forma basis for the goods, or we can provide funds which you can then use to buy goods from your suppliers yourselves.

Having access to cash to buy stock is a vital part to growth and managing cash flow.

Check to see what’s possible

There is no impact on your personal or business credit rating when checking eligibility

Stock Loans

Where clients need to pay their suppliers direct.

There are many reasons why this situation can arise, including goods being regulated (such as pharmaceuticals or alcohol), clients needing to pay for goods instantly (such as at auctions), or simply to avoid disrupting longstanding buying patterns or relationships.

Loans against existing stock or new stock which is expected to be sold in no more than 6 months.

It can be finished goods, components, or raw materials.

Pre-Sold Stock

Fast, flexible, finance for pre-sold stock.

Have you secured a large order from a customer and are struggling to buy the stock needed to fulfil it from your suppliers?

Does the size of the order you need to place with your supplier take you above your credit limit?

Stock Purchase Funding on pre-sold stock can pay your suppliers for you, plus any freight and duty charges, and you don’t need to pay back until the stock is sold.

Stock Finance – What you need to know

Stock Purchase Funding to UK companies enables them to buy, and sell, more of their products.

This type of loan is provided with a funding limit, whereby you can purchase goods up to this limit at your own discretion, without requiring to advise the funder on individual purchases.

You can choose whether the funder pays suppliers on a pro-forma basis for the goods or upon receipt of the goods themselves.

Stock funding solutions work on a revolving basis, so you can repay the facility without penalty at any time, and then redraw to buy more stock.

Speculative Stock

Make sure you have stock on hand to meet demand.

Do you have a track record of selling your products to your customers, but you know you could sell more if you had more stock stored locally?

Buy stock for you, even if it is not pre-sold.

Sometimes you need stock to hand before you can sell it.

Funders can pay your suppliers so you get stock quickly and turn it into sales.

Raw Materials

Would you like 100% of the purchase price plus freight and duty in order to modify, process, combine and assemble stock into finished goods as you normally would but don’t have the cash to do so?

Need a funder to make multiple payments to different suppliers, all under one trade credit agreement?

With Stock Purchase Funding on raw materials you can pay your suppliers proforma so you can drive a better deal in order to increase cash flow and drive profitability, only paying for the facility when you need it.

No levy or service changes, you only pay for active trade credit you use.

The quicker you turn your stock into sales, the less you will have to pay in charges.

Maximise the growth potential of your business with Stock Purchase Funding today!

Speculative Stock

It’s a fact that many businesses could grow faster and become more profitable sooner if they had stock in hand for speculative sales.

Customers who enquire and subsequently find that you don’t have sufficient stock are less likely to call you again, and more often than not return to the supplier who had stock to help them at that time.

Speculative stock funders buy stock for you, even if it is not pre-sold.

Pre-arranging and pre-planning your stock requirements is an essential part to business growth. Get approved for your speculative stock and watch your business grow.

Stock Loans Key Facts

Key features of Stock Purchase Funding and the benefits you can get working with the leading alternative business finance providers.


  • Obtain 100% finance on new stock to fulfil an order
  • Funder pays your shipping and duty costs if required
  • Handle financed stock in line with existing processes
  • Raise finance on finished goods, component parts or raw materials
  • Retain existing invoice finance arrangements (if applicable)
  • Big orders from your customers should be a blessing not a burden!


  • Speed: Access to cash within same day or 24 hours to meet payments or make important purchases
  • Control: Manage your credit with suppliers
  • Personal: Relationship-based approach
  • Convenience: You can purchase stock as components or finished goods
  • Security: Protect against customer supplier insolvency
  • Confidentiality: Your choice for confidential, funders. We will not disclose you are using a stock finance facility.