Property & Development

Property & Development

There are a considerable number of options for your property needs, from commercial development, buy-to-let’s through to new builds. The type of ownership that you want and the funding to match are wide and varied.

There is a consistent demand to have an owner occupied property and it is one of the most favoured processes to deliver long term wealth from a business for its owners. However, property development and commercial buy to lets remain high in demand.

Whatever the reason you’re looking for a commercial property, Cashflow Creators has the necessary funders to secure that for you.

Owner Occupier

Similar to domestic use, you can use commercial mortgages for commercial buy-to-lets as well.

Although this type of mortgage is similar to residential buy-to-let, the lender will look at different factors because in general it’s more difficult to rent out commercial properties.

Property Development

Commercial mortgages for commercial buy-to-lets.

For example, you might want to purchase a warehouse via your company and let it out to another business.

Or you might be looking for your own property for your own business.

Property Finance

There is an array of property funding for all type of properties.

Commercial Property Finance cover a lot of areas such as refurbishment, new builds, guest and commercial warehouses.

If it’s a commercial premises or a commercial transaction such a development, this is the finance option for you.

Property Bridging

Many individuals and businesses including professional landlords make use of Bridging Loans.

Property investors and developers all use Bridging Finance as part of their overall property funding strategy and can be arranged on a second charge basis.

Check to see what’s possible

There is no impact on your personal or business credit rating when checking eligibility

Owner Occupied

There are several situations where a commercial owner occupier may need finance:

  • Purchasing a ‘trading business’ and a freehold for the first time or a new freehold premises for their existing business to operate from.
  • Expanding a business empire by purchasing new property into a group, or, maybe remortgaging commercial property from an existing lender.
  • Or purchasing mixed use commercial property and living in a residential part above the commercial element or purchasing a mixed-use commercial property, trading from the commercial premises and renting out any residential parts above the property.

Development Finance

Property Development Finance is a type of funding used to finance the construction, conversion or heavy refurbishment of buildings.

The loan is usually set up as a short-term loan to fund the project only during the build. Once the project has been built out, the loan is usually repaid through the sale of the property, or refinance.

Bridging loans for the construction industry are often used for:

  • Residential development for large or small new build schemes
  • Land purchase fees
  • Property purchases
  • Conversions or change-of-use
  • Construction costs and refurbishments including additions of mezzanines
  • Financing part completed schemes
  • Pre-planning bridging finance.

No matter your need, there as solution just for you.

Property Funding

Commercial mortgages.

If you’re hoping to secure a commercial property mortgage – whether it’s purchasing a commercial building or buying the building you’re renting currently, we can help you find the best mortgage product for you.

If you’re an existing business, it is easier for you to secure a commercial mortgage as you have evidence of solid trading history – but as a start-up, understandably, the risk increases for lenders.

That doesn’t mean you can’t find a commercial mortgage for your start-up business, but you wouldn’t have the choice of lenders or favourable rates that an existing business would receive. Cashflow Creators have excellent relationships with lenders who specialise in commercial mortgages for start-up businesses, so worry not, we can help!

Property Auction Finance

Many landlords and developers buy residential property using Auction Finance when purchasing to renovate, sell or rent.

That doesn’t rule out commercial property, shops offices, restaurants, pubs, leisure centres, industrial units, pretty much any sort of commercial property and business owner-occupiers.

Property Auction Finance can also be used for purchasing mixed use property such as semi-commercial properties that are part commercial and part residential; shops and offices with flats above can be financed this way. It’s fast and can be put in place prior to any auction proceedings.

Property Finance Key Facts

Key Features of Property Auction Financing and the benefits you can get working with the leading alternative business finance providers.


  • Secure capital against the property
  • Property finance can raise up to 70% – 80% of your need
  • It’s designed for all types of properties
  • Provides a fast and effective way to buy a property
  • Designed for all types and styles of business
  • An efficient way to build wealth in short periods of time.


  • Speed: Usually lending for commercial property is speedy
  • Convenience: You can increase the loan values subject to the development valuation once complete
  • Security: Commercial property has increased in value consistently for many years
  • Wealth: It’s used to build personal wealth with tax efficiencies.