What’s your advice about not becoming a business Junkie.

I can remember nearly 20 odd years ago when this was my kick start to the day. Oh, those long-suffering days when anytime from 6.30 onwards I would expect the old text message that someone would not be in today. Strangely enough, their 8 grandfathers had died. Obviously forgetting how many times they had used this in the past for a day off.

Eyes red, coffee-fuelled and ready for the day. But somehow 22 years later with some good, some bad and some ugly business experiences under my belt the importance has shifted to businesses that have proven to be cash positive and less reliant on staff. I guess planning and refining along with the use of digital tools have help. But mostly my thoughts on how I see my business these days.

One thing is for sure, being agile and knowing where my business stands daily is an essential morning ritual and how I have mastered cash flow secrets. No longer do I own a business I now own an investment, one that should for all of us support our personal lives and journeys that we sometimes forget about as we become business junkies.

Shame you cant get a PHD in hindsight otherwise I would have one.