Invoice Finance: Solving your cashflow challenges with immediate payment

1Get Paid Fast
  • Funds released as you invoice
  • 90% of invoice value immediately
  • Balance when client pays
  • Funds in your bank with 24 hours
2Scaled for Your Business
  • Turnover of £25,000 or more
  • Helps SMEs work with large corporations
  • Improved cashflow
  • Ideal for supporting growth
3Reducing Risk
  • Ideal for B2B trade
  • Reduce financial risk
  • Non payment insurance
  • Confidential arrangements

Leasing and Hire Purchase

1Hire Purchase
  • Terms from 6 to 72 months
  • No Maximum value
  • Annual rates from 6%
  • We can almost always undercut so called “0% finance” deals from suppliers
2Leasing and Contract Hire
  • Reduce monthly outgoings
  • Adverse Credit – no problem
  • Assets generate cash – paying for themselves
  • No cash upfront
  • Funds for any type of equipment
  • Up to 100% funding
  • Lease any type of asset
  • No capital requirement

Check to see what’s possible

There is no impact on your personal or business credit rating when checking eligibility

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