Acquisition Funding

Cashflow Creators is an expert in acquisition finance providing invaluable advice and working with you to provide a completely bespoke acquisition funding solution tailored specifically to your needs.

Some Acquisition Loans can be financed with a package of senior bank debt and private investment. We have the ability to position your company and explain your growth in a compelling way, which enables us to help clients reduce the amount of equity they need to raise as part of the overall acquisition funding structure.

Getting the best deal out of this fluctuating market can be challenging. That’s why it pays to use a professional expert like Cashflow Creators Ltd.

Check to see what’s possible

There is no impact on your personal or business credit rating when checking eligibility

Benefits of Acquisition Funding

We can help you with every aspect of acquisition financing.

  • We can review your personal circumstances to release equity to inject into the deal
  • A complete review of your existing and target business to identify funding options
  • Access to Government incentives to help you achieve your goals
  • Unsecured loans available
  • Private equity
  • Advice on deal structure and assistance with negotiations, including deferred considerations and earn-outs to help spread the cost of the acquisition.